Brokerage activity in Brest

      Brokering activities that we provide includes the following services:


  • making deals with all kinds of securities, including transactions REPO, in accordance with the law;
  • to transactions with securities make public announcement of the purchase or sale of securities of the client, including the automated quotation system of the Exchange, and (or) in the media;
  • carry out the placement of securities of the issuer;
  • provision of services for execution of contracts and registration of securities transactions;
  • analyze and make forecasts of market securities;
  • advisory services relating to the issuance, distribution and circulation of securities, as well as make recommendations on valuation of securities;
  • services in data provision market participants;
  • perform the functions of the account operator "depo";
  • perform other work and services related to the implementation of the brokerage activities do not contradict the law.
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