Depository activities in Belarus

Our depository in Brest provides services that include:


  • opening and maintaining accounts «depo» for accounting and custody of securities issuers (depositors);
  • development of the individual variants of each issuer of depository services (optimization of workflow, the preparation of various kinds of lists and records at the individual request of the issuer, etc.);
  • Advising clients on the preparation of documents for the transfer of securities;
  • implementation of the operations connected with the registration of rights and transfer of ownership of securities (training contracts in accordance with the legislative requirements, the registration of transactions);
  • blocking operations of securities on behalf of depositors in connection with the mortgage and other securities transactions;
  • Participant informing on corporate actions of the issuer and promoting the rights of the depositor Securities (representation at shareholders' meetings, including voting by proxy, etc.), the provision of statements of account «depo» issuer (depositor) subject to applicable law;
  • advising the issuer (depositor) for depository transactions, payments / income securities, general information and analytical support for the operation of the stock market in Belarus, etc.


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